Be all you can be.

At Patterson Training we know that great performance in any discipline be that an elite mountain bike race or a fun run comes from reducing errors and uncertainty and increasing insights. We don’t train individuals to do what a past athletes have done, we don’t want to become a glass ceiling for our clients. We use modern constraints based learning methods to manipulate the task, individual or environments and let learning take place based upon that individuals own perception which leads to greater learning and retention of skills.

Sure, we also dish out plenty of good old knowledge based painful intervals, but where possible we do them in an environment that incorporates risk reward scenarios,  reducing time frames and we also add in a bit of contextual interference, all with the aim of improving in competition decision making and insights.

Monthly Coaching using training peaks premium coach paid

Tailored and personal, we don’t dish out one size fits all programmes. Andy has worked with some of the UKs and New Zealand’s top athletes and prides himself on really getting to understand the individuals needs. And if your needs are out of our area of expertise we are happy to find another professional who can help.

Monthly training plan includes weekly face to face, $200 per month.