There is no drug on the planet that can increase health and reduce mortality risks greater than knowledge based exercise prescription. Good health through cardiovascular fitness and strength can reduce all cause mortality risk five fold, reduce drug dependency whilst also having huge positive outcomes on mental health.

At Patterson Training we have 25 years experience delivering health and fitness advice and support to cardiac rehabilitation patients, GP referrals with multiple co morbidities, people with general fitness goals and children’s groups all the way up to wold class athletes.

We aim to deliver a compassionate understanding health and fitness education that will meet the needs of every individual, and we aim to do this in a non threatening environment that motivates life long exercise and healthy lifestyle choices.

We are also aware there is a great deal of poor coaching advice for athletes which can see increased risk factors as a result of unhealthy load/recovery ballance this is why its critical to keep current with modern knowledge based practice to ensure athletes referred to us right that imballance and succeed in their chosen sport with less physical and mental stress.

Please contact Andrew Patterson for prices booking and further information about or Active heart programs.