We buy our full suspension bikes based perhaps on the quality of the suspension components, yet once the factory setting have been added, how many of us actually tune the suspension to our riding ability and style.

As the seasons, and the trail conditions change, now is a great time to look at your suspension set up, and how this affects your confidence on the bike. We look not only at the sag, and the adjustment clicks, but also and more importantly how you ride as we adjust setting. We make adjustments, ride the trails then evaluate, “was it better or not” then we go back to the settings. We also ensure you have a sound understanding what each adjustment does and how they affect the bikes handling so you can look at making your own adjustments out on the trail.

Suspension set up is as much an art as it is a technical proficiency and as professional coaches we are used to observing riders and making adjustments that work for the individual in a specific context.

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