Giant 2w Gravity Enduro Round 3 2021


Another great weekend away was had by many of the New Plymouth Crew. Overnight rain lead to tyre change duties early in the morning as I opted for increased rear wheel braking grip from the Vittoria Mazza against the faster roll of the Vittoria Aggaro. Talk from the development team was all about he mud, so process and confidence would be the order of the day. As it was a Short start climb to stage 1 on my race pre race warm ups were essential, I worked hard on the resistance bands getting some heat and mobility into my upper body, but by the end of the first stage I was breathing hard and no where near in the zone. A new boutique EXT Era fork was hastily put on the Geometron a few days before, and with its very different air spring system I had no idea how it would run with the stock settings. After stage 1 it was clear that this fork was something very different than the Lyric I was previously running. It was as supple as a Rock Shot lyric but the mid stroke support was better than a Fox 38, in that it held the front of the bike up incredibly well yet was able to still move through its travel easily when the trail got gnarly. The head angle on the big Geometron was maintained as I crashed through the turns and drops, the bike felt very different, but front wheel traction was insane. Jenn and I made our way around the 4 stage race and didn’t have any issues out on the muddy sections. We were both working hard and self talking our way through the more tricky sections the race. As both of us are former XC racers the gravity game does not come as easily to us as the kids who pretty much do nothing else, so its important for us to not get too carried away and practice what we preach and follow the process.
By the time we both sped to the end of Eagle Vs Shark trail we were happy that we had done as well as we could have given our limited trail knowledge and lack of practice.

There were heaps of New Plymouth Mountain Bikers racing over in Rotorua at the weekend, the results for development team riders are as follows. Full results by age group are here

6 stage U17Harris Krogh 8th 24:32Callum Moffitt 13th 25:35Aiden Appert 18th 26:40
4 Stage U21Jack Gibbs 7th 18:48
4 Stage U17Aedan Peters 14th 18:15
4 Stage U15Blair Hoskin 2nd 16:59Ollie Barkley 14th 19:15
4 Stage U13Baxter Surrey 2nd 18:05
Coaches Jenn and Andy Patterson were 1st and 2nd respectively in their 4 stage age category race.

Covid-19 Firstgas Rockets Information


As we look to move into alert level 3 in the coming weeks, it appears that mountain biking locally within your limits on familiar trails will be allowed. You must still stay within you bubble and don’t form group rides with people outside your bubble or congregate in high numbers at local trails. This means that unfortunately we are still unable to coach groups in alert level 3 so we will most likely have to wait until level 2 before we are back up and running. So get your winter tyres on, keep up your skills practice and we look forward to seeing you all in the near future.