Intermediate mountain bike skills course for male and female riders.



This clinic is women only aimed at competent trail riders, (not complete novice) who can ride trails well but want to get some insights on bike set up, how to manage different types of jumps, get aggressive on more technical terrain and generally ride a bit more rowdy. We will have Jenn Patterson, former XCO and XCM world cup racer who has turned her hand at Enduro to discuss her learning. Along with Yeti Cycles dealer and trail shredder Laura Johnston.

We will cover…
1. Tyre choice and pressure set up

2. Set up your suspension and discuss on the trail tuning

3. Clothing and equipment recommendations

4. Reading the energy given from a jump and different techniques for different jumps

5. We will get into some steep gnar, and understand how to move the bike when traction is not ideal

6. Attempt some instagram worthy gaps and drops with pre practiced skill.

7. It will be heaps of fun

The course starts at 9am on Saturday 30th January 2021 at mangamahoe Forest New Plymouth and runs for 3 hours to noon.