Welcome to Patterson Training

Patterson Training is a Sport Science Support consultancy based in New Plymouth, New Zealand specialising in endurance cycling, triathlon, running, Health and exercise. We provide performance testing, coaching, training and exercise for special populations along with sport massage therapy and sport nutrition. At Patterson Training we aim to provide a high standard of scientifc support and coaching to all levels of ability at an affordable price, delivered by qualified and accredited coaches and physiologists. We pride ourselves on our constant communication between athlete and coach whilst taking a holistic approach to the coaching process covering the technical, tactical, physiological and psychological aspects of the sport in a complete, structured, continually assessed and individualised package.

Who are we?

Andrew Patterson has over 20 years experience of cycle racing at all levels and through many disciplines and has been providing scientific support and coaching for athletes for 10 years, he has a Bsc (hons) in sport, exercise and coaching science, is a British cycling coach tutor/assessor and has a diploma in sports massage therapy. Read More

Performance Testing

How can athletes train day after day if they don’t know how much improvement they are having towards a specific training aim, is your training hitting the right spot? Regular performance testing allows training to be tailored to the individual, goals to be set and used as a motivational tool. It is a critical aspect of coaching. Read More

Training Peaks On Line Coaching

To ensure smooth delivery of our coaching plans we use the Training Peaks on line software system for its ease of use and powerful analysis tools.  This package allows uploads from a huge range of training tools such as SRM, Powertap, Garmin, Polar and a range of indoor trainers which essentially allows us to evaluate every aspect of your workout allowing you to train smarter.  It also includes a vast nutrition database, annual planning, access to training routes and mapping with clear and simple coach client communication. Read More

Coaching methodology

Periodisation is the process of structuring training in order to maximise the training time and effect and avoid burnout or staleness through any training plateau.  Tudor O. Bompa, PhD, revolutionized Western training methods when he introduced his groundbreaking theory of periodisation in Romania in 1963. Periodisation is a dynamic training plan, a sort of training road map, that will allow you to reach specific goals whilst being flexible enough to allow for route changes en route to specific objectives.  Our methods are based on these principles whilst incorporating modern knowledge based practices. Read More

Coaching principles in practice

We are all different in our physical make up, our psychological orientations and we all adapt differently to training due to our individual genetic factors that have been reported to be responsible for 80% of adaptation to training stimulus. Read More

Process and pricing

When you decide to become a Patterson Training client you will pass along a pathway of intervention from initial consultation and needs analysis to evaluation in the form of performance testing. The coaching intervention and goals are agreed on and applied and with regular outcome evaluation. Read More

Training with power

Why do you need a power meter to train I hear you ask?  Well, when training with power you are able to see the actual work that your body is doing in watts, rather than watching how your body is responding to the demands of the training as is the case with heart rate.  Read More

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